REC newer chapters, Bakekano update, and some other stuff

Good news for readers of REC: For The Halibut Scans is releasing new chapters. I (gringe) have been proofreading the scripts so the writing should be in line with our previous releases, though I haven't read the releases myself. Please get all future releases of the series from FTH.

As for Bakekano, it actually ended its run in Champion Red Ichigo about 3 months ago, but there's been no word on when or if volume 2 will come out, which leaves us in a slight pickle. You see, we want to do the volumes to save time and do only the highest quality version, but if volume 2 doesn't come out or takes years to be released then we might as well just do the magazine chapters. I think we'll wait another couple months, and if there's still nothing about the volume, then we may start the magazine chapters. As for WHY the second volume is taking so long, well, the full nudity in the second volume is even more overt in many chapters than it was in the first volume, leading some to speculate the publisher is afraid to release the volume. I'm not so sure about that myself since they could cover up the nudity quite easily if they really wanted to but it's something to think about.

With that out of the way, it's probably worth pointing out that with Triage X licensed, our only "active" series at the moment is Bakekano. Although we don't have any plans to formally "shut down" as of right now, you should maybe expect a slow and limited release schedule for the foreseeable future. I'd still like to release the Fire Fire Fire volumes, and there's another short series in the pipeline I've been wanting to get done, but I think the plan is to release all of that series at once. So, apologies, but things will probably stay a little slow around here. We may release a oneshot here and there though.

Hope you're havin' a good one~

By gringe 22, April 2012
  Triage X ~ Licensed
This is the first update in a couple months, so sorry it couldn't be an actual release or something. Triage X has been licensed for release in the US by Yen Press and as such we will no longer be working on the series. As always, please show your support for the author by buying the series.
By gringe 9, April 2012
  Triage X volume 2 big version
All right, here it is. Nothing much to say about it. I'll try to have it up on the IRC channel soon for easier downloading.
By gringe 5, February 2012
  Renji de Chin! (oneshot... kinda)

Here's two chapters of an apparently abandoned series by Yukihiro Inoue, the guy behind Bakekano. They were published in Champion RED Ichigo a couple years back before Bakekano started publication and I don't think there's much of a chance of the series continuing. It ended without any warning and the author's just had the Splatter Sister oneshot and Bakekano in Ichigo since then. I found these two chapters to be really funny though so I hope you enjoy them.

The title is difficult to explain. A literal translation would be something like "Microwave Goes Ding!" but the word for "ding" (chin) in Japanese in this case is a reference to the word "ochinchin" meaning "penis." So um... Yeah! Enjoy!

By gringe 1, February 2012
  Triage X volume 3 COMPLETE!!

At last, at last, it's done, it's done! This took way longer than I was hoping, but that's the way these things go sometimes. Many thanks to Giong for stepping in and helping to edit!

If you've read these chapters before, a lot of lines have been rewritten or polished up. There's a grand total of one uncensored scene so there's not a whole lot in the way of boobage compared to the magazine version unfortunately, though there are quite a few other changes to the art. Be sure to read the translation notes for a little extra information.

Like with Itokoi Chidori, we're releasing this in two sizes. It would be much easier getting the big version out there if MegaUpload were still around, but alas. We may host the big version locally later but I don't think we can handle the initial rush. In any case, the big version is divided into two parts by page numbers rather than splitting the archive in half so you can download the first part and start reading while the second part downloads. You can get the whole big volume in one complete file from the IRC channel though.

I'd like to go back and release bigger versions of the first two volumes as well, and that shouldn't be too hard for volume 2, but volume 1 essentially needs to be re-edited, so that will take a while. Maybe I'll release the big volume 2 in the next couple days.

Let's see, so what's next... Volume 4 is supposed to come out March 9th and it will probably be at least a month or two after that that we're able to get that one out. But for the time being, enjoy volume 3!

By gringe 31, January 2012
  A quick follow-up to the last post
At this point it seems MegaUpload isn't coming back any time soon so we've decided to host the two big Itokoi Chidori volumes locally. Enjoy!
By gringe 27, January 2012
  MegaUpload shut down?
It seems MegaUpload has shut down at least for the time being which leaves us with quite a few dead links. Thankfully we do have direct links for almost everything so just use the DDL links for the time being. For the Big Itokoi Chidori volumes, there are torrents available for volume 1 and volume 2 (click "Torrent Download" up near the upper rightish corner) so please use those if you want to download them for now. I guess I'll upload them in a couple parts if things don't go back to normal soon. Sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully MU will be back up eventually. If they don't come back, I will definitely miss their giant size limits...
By gringe 19, January 2012
  Itokoi Chidori Volume 1 & 2 complete (plus ultra big version)

Well, okay I guess that didn't take very long at all to prepare.

The twist I mentioned is that there are two versions. One is at 2600 px height and is probably pretty close to lossless in terms of detail. Since it's so big we're pretty limited in how we can get it to you but hey if you want to distribute it through other means (torrents or whatever newfangled things you kids are using these days) go right ahead. The other version is a typical release at 1600 px height.

With this, we are more or less completely done with the series. Hopefully you enjoyed it, but if not, at least you got to read something that's pretty hard to obtain legally now. Fight the power, man.

By gringe 2, January 2012
  Happy New Year! - Itokoi Chidori chapter 13-16 (END)

And so it's over... It's unfortunate the author couldn't finish it how he wanted to, but that's the way these things go.

We'll try to have the full volumes out in the next couple days... with a twist! Um, you'll see what I mean. But don't get too excited, because it's nothing that crazy.

Here's to hoping 2012 is a supercool year! Good luck holding to your resolutions, assuming you made any!

By gringe 1, January 2012
  "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Day 12 - Itokoi Chidori chapter 12
Merry X-mas! We'll be taking a short "break" from the series and then release the remaining chapters very soon.
By gringe 25, December 2011
  "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Day 11 - Itokoi Chidori chapter 11
Just one day left...
By gringe 24, December 2011
  Triage X chapter 20 (Side chapter)

This isn't part of the "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" thing so don't worry, you should still be getting a new Itokoi Chidori tonight after midnight. :P

And so, like I said before, this is the last magazine chapter I'm planning on doing for the time being. Volume 3 is nearing completion and volume 4 should be out in February or March. After that, volume 5 should be out around... June? July? August? Somewhere around there, assuming nothing happens to stop the series' progress.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, our current plan is to release the complete volume 3 all at once, and then the complete volume 4 all at once when that's ready. When volume 5 comes out, we'll release by individual chapter in that volume so the wait won't be as long. So basically, it'll be like a typical scanlation after volume 4.

Here is the full size version of this month's Heroine vs. Heroine. I'll try to keep uploading this feature to Danbooru (or wherever) each month with the help of Toposx (the editor who joins the spreads!). I'm not sure how much longer it's going to continue for though.


By gringe 23, December 2011
  "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Day 10 - Itokoi Chidori chapter 10
Oh my!
By gringe 23, December 2011
  "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Day 9 - Itokoi Chidori chapter 9
We're jumpin' right into volume 2 here. This volume is still in print and in fact has not been designated harmful, though you'll probably find that it's just as extreme, if not moreso, than the first volume.
By gringe 22, December 2011
  "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Day 8 - Itokoi Chidori chapter 8
And volume 1 is done!
By gringe 21, December 2011
  "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Day 7 - Itokoi Chidori chapter 7
Only one chapter left in volume 1 now!
By gringe 20, December 2011
  "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Day 6 - Itokoi Chidori chapter 6
I learned something about poison today.
By gringe 19, December 2011
  "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Day 5 - Itokoi Chidori chapter 5
Finally, some plot clarification!
By gringe 18, December 2011
  "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Day 4 - Itokoi Chidori chapter 4
By gringe 17, December 2011
  "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Day 3 - Itokoi Chidori chapter 3
There's a story brewing here... Give it a couple chapters and some things will start to become a little more clear. Enjoy!
By gringe 16, December 2011
  "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Day 2 - Itokoi Chidori chapter 2
Well, there's really nothing much left for me to say after that massive post yesterday, so a simple "enjoy!" will do.
By gringe 15, December 2011
  NEW SERIES! ~ "Twelve Days of Banned Manga" Itokoi Chidori chapter 1

X-mas is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than with an unusual joint project with For The Halibut scans: Twelve Days of "Banned" Manga. That's right, over the next 12 days we're going to try to get as much of this 2 volume series out as we possibly can.

Some background: I'm sure most of you remember Tokyo's infamous new manga bill from earlier this year. Well, the first volume of this series was deemed "harmful" (can only be sold as 18+) before the bill even came into effect to serve as an example of "series that shouldn't exist." Although not technically banned, due to this, the first volume quickly went out of print and became a little hard to find. It was taken off of Amazon and other major retailer sites but I managed to get my hands on a copy through a proxy service. The series ran to its completion in Young Comic magazine but it seemed unlikely that the second volume would be released. To the surprise of many, it was indeed successfully released several months after the series finished its run, so at that time I decided that Itokoi Chidori would be a suitable (and doable) follow-up to my sort of depressing post on the bill around May.

Thankfully Tokyo's bill hasn't had any major direct effect since the initial sweep--the release of the second volume of this series proves that--but the first volume of the series shows what can happen when things get out of control. I'm sorry if this seems a little big-headed but this release is intended to make the series available to global audiences and to preserve it in all of its "harmful" glory. My only hope with this project is that the series, especially the out-of-print first volume, will be immortalized on the Internet for anyone to read.

But please do support the author by buying the second volume; it's still widely available at online Japanese retailers.

A couple translation notes on the series:
  • I've decided to translate most of the sound effects in the series. Sound effects in Japanese usually give a sense of an idea rather than an actual sound so I don't always translate them as sounds (not really sure how to in many cases) but I hope they're easy to understand. The dirty sound effects in particular establish concisely what's happening.
  • The first part of the series' title is a portmanteau of the Japanese words "itoko" (cousin) and "koi" (love). You'll... find out why soon enough. Since I'm a dork who likes doing mock translations, I came up with the title "CousInLove Chidori" as an English equivalent. Don't worry, we won't be using that title. :P It's just to give you an idea of the sense the Japanese title gives.

Releasing this in the ero section of the site would somewhat contradict our purpose for doing the series, so we're grouping it with all of our other series. Please do be aware however that this series does contain a lot of mature material so I will offer a word of caution to those considering reading the series. If you thought Yomeiro-Choice or Bakekano were extreme, well, frankly, they're nothing compared to this. With that said, do enjoy and I hope you look forward to the next 11 days!

By gringe 14, December 2011
  Triage X chapter 19 (Intermission)

"They're floating!" Sorry for the long wait. Next chapter is already out in Japan so hopefully that won't take too long to get out. Here is this month's full-size Heroine vs. Heroine.

In relevant news, I'm considering going back to volume-only releases for the series after the next chapter. It's less wasted work (I don't have to do the same thing twice), you'll only get the maximum possible quality (art that's easier to see thanks to better printing plus art corrections), and you won't need to deal with "censored" chapters like this one (boobies). Plus, it'll give me more time to polish my translations and some extra chapters as a buffer to ensure I don't mistranslate some vague stuff somewhere.

Now that Triage X is running regularly, volumes should be coming out every 5-6 months or so, so I don't think the wait will be too bad. I would like to continue to upload Heroine vs. Heroine to Danbooru if I were to switch to this release style, just so you know.

Volume 3 is actually progressing smoothly now thanks to a new redrawer. I'll update you on that again when the time comes!

Let us know what you think about switching back to volume releases on the forums, and enjoy the chapter!

By gringe 9, December 2011
  tenkla's new series?

I got Yomeiro-Choice volume 6 today, and this "preview" was at the end of the volume...

Image1, Image2

Of course it could be a joke or an exaggeration of an idea tenkla has, but unlike the other fake previews in the other volumes (untranslated except the first volume's), it's not concluded with a "this is fake" message. Take it as you will!

By gringe 21, October 2011
  Triage X chapter 18 (3-IX)

With this, the third story arc is over! This chapter's another pretty long one (48 pages!). This month's big Heroine vs. Heroine spread can be found here.

Progress on volume 3 is slow but steady. Unfortunately life is busy for us at XLG lately. At the current rate the series is going, volume 4 may actually be out in the next couple months so hopefully we'll be able to get volume 3 done before then at least.


By gringe 19, October 2011
  Iinari! Aibu-ration Volume 4 COMPLETE
And here's the last volume batch. ...Nothing else to say!
By gringe 25, September 2011
  Iinari! Aibu-ration chapter 23 (END)

All riiiight, at last, we've got the series done. We hope you've enjoyed it, and please buy the volumes to support the author! By the way, the author has another series running right now that you may want to check out. As of now we have no plans to translate it, but hey, anything could happen.


By gringe 24, September 2011
  Iinari! Aibu-ration chapter 22

Um... Wow.

Next chapter's the last one!

By gringe 23, September 2011
  Iinari! Aibu-ration chapter 21
Two more chapters to go. Enjoy!
By gringe 23, September 2011
  Iinari! Aibu-ration chapter 20
By gringe 22, September 2011
  Iinari! Aibu-ration chapter 19
And here comes the final story arc! Enjoy!
By gringe 22, September 2011
  Iinari! Aibu-ration chapter 15, 16, 17, and 18

Okay, now before you get too excited, these four chapters are all 8 pages each meaning that together they're only about as many pages as a single normal chapter. The latter three were originally published in the same issue of Dragon Age and could probably be considered a single chapter due to the fact that they revolve around the same character.

Anyway, after this, there are five chapters left. However, unlike volume 3, there are no super deluxe ultra long chapters, so with any luck, we'll be able to continue getting them out at a brisk pace. Enjoy!

By gringe 21, September 2011
  Iinari! Aibu-ration Volume 3 COMPLETE

I didn't actually make too many changes (I fixed one typo I think), but it should be more convenient for people who haven't been following the volume already. Just as a note, there's some pretty bad moire on the "Breast Comparison" segment at the end. This moire is present in the original printing and it wasn't our fault. Sorry!

And so... it's on to the final volume! Just a few chapters left...

By gringe 20, September 2011
  Iinari! Aibu-ration chapter 14

And this wraps up volume 3! At last, we're coming to the final volume. A volume 3 batch will probably be out in the next couple days.


By gringe 18, September 2011
  Triage X chapter 17 (3-VIII)

All right, things are moving along here. As usual, I put the full-sized Heroine vs. Heroine on Danbooru so hopefully that'll stay up there.

I have volume 3 of Triage X and I've scanned it and I guess the HQ volume version's coming along. I'm not sure when it'll be out, but hopefully it's not too far off. If the series keeps its current pace, volume 4 should be only a few months off, so let's hope it keeps going strong.


By gringe 16, September 2011
  Splatter Sister (oneshot)
But before we get anything else out, how about a quick diversion? Since we're not going to be doing any Bakekano for a while, here's a oneshot by the author. It's possible it's a prototype of sorts to Bakekano, given that they both have a vague horror theme, but in any case, it's a fun little story and if you like Bakekano, then you should like this too.
By gringe 15, September 2011
  Iinari! Aibu-ration chapter 13
At last, we've got the 13th chapter out. There's one more short chapter in volume 3, theeen... the final volume! Here's to hoping we can have it out in a timely manner. I'll try to get some certain other series we've been delaying for a while out soon too, but these things don't always go as we'd like them to.
By gringe 14, September 2011
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